Profits with Palladium

Profits with Palladium
If you purchased Palladium Eagles or any palladium coins/bars over the past few years, you are currently in a profit position! Palladium Eagles are now worth over $2000 an ounce, as are most other one ounce palladium coins and bars. Naturally this price will change daily with the wildly fluctuating market.
No one knows if palladium will move higher or when it will crash. Some experts are predicting $3000 followed by a big correction down. Another expert predicts that palladium is in a "bubble" and may be likely to pop in the near future. (You can read the article on Kitco by following this link:
Predictions aren't always reliable and no one knows for certain what palladium is going to do. If you're in a profit situation, then you might want to consider selling now!

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  • Nick Grovich