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Don’t Panic: Profit. Why the coronavirus isn’t the pandemic the media WANT it to be.

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No doubt you’ve seen the huge sell off of stocks and the rising price of gold the past few weeks.  Although gold pulled back last week, much is being blamed on the coronavirus outbreak. The press has caused near panic with constant reporting and dramatic opinions.  People are scared, schools/sports events cancelled, and many are staying inside.  There is no doubt this is coming to the US, and you can count on the politicians refusing to let any good crisis go to waste this election year.  They will continue the panic for their own purposes.
However, take a step back and compare the 100,000 worldwide cases of the coronavirus (half of whom are now asymptomatic), with the 24 million cases of the flu this season.  Of that, there are 180,000 hospitalizations and 16,000 deaths in the UNITED STATES ALONE! 
As the hype continues, the Federal Reserve has stepped in and lowered interest rates to ease financial pressure.  Historical data suggests this will likely push gold even higher, just as it did in 2008.  Back then, gold doubled after an initial rally and correction as financial markets tumbled. 
There are smart buys right now, but this is a fluid situation. 

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  • Nick Grovich