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American Federal Rare Coin & Bullion will buy your coins regardless of where they came from. We know that many other companies will not buy your coins back or are only willing to trade. We will buy your coins and pay you on the spot! Call us today at 1-800-221-7694 for your free no obligation evaluation of your coins.


We Buy & Sell Gold, Silver, Platinum & Palladium Bullion. These include U.S. Eagles, Gold Buffalos, Krugerrands, Canadian Maple Leafs, Austrian Philharmonics and more.


For serious investors/collectors only the finest, most historical coins are worth owning.  American Federal is an authorized CAC (Certified Acceptance Corporation) dealer.  We can help you maximize your rare coin portfolio’s value.


A Semi-Numismatic coin is a coin that has some collector value above the bullion content.  These coins are usually not recommended for investors, but are valuable to the hobbyist coin collector.

What Sets Us Apart

A true coin dealer based in Arizona, operating on honesty, ethics, knowledge and professionalism for over 35 years.  Our team of experts provides you with the knowledge and education and lets you make the best decision for you.  We travel to all 50 states from our location near Scottsdale to buy your coins.

The Services We Provide

In addition to educating our clients on coins and the coin market we also provide no obligation coin performance reviews, confidential in-person appraisals, coin consignment programs and CAC verification.

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5. Gain Discounts of 3%-5% on bullion and even higher rates for numisimatics

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We Sell for Less Than Many Large Dealer’s Bid Price

  • Some dealers try to sell you graded bullion coins for huge prices.  We recently sold a group of $50 Gold Buffalo MS70, to clients for $2,000 a coin less than one major retailer and $950 less than another.
  • Even saving 3%-5% on bullion coins can be very significant.  If you are buying rare coins (which I recommend on a limited basis), we can save you as much as half of what many of the large “brokers” are charging.

FREE Chart Comparisons

Ever Wonder What Your Coins Are Worth?

  • Compare to gold spot, silver spot, Nasdaq, Dow Jones, US Dollar, S&P 500, or S&P Euro.
  • Amfed provides you with the ability to compare Pre-1933 Gold and coins like the $20 St. Gauden MS-65 or $20 Liberty Type III MS-63.
  • Chart your coins and see how they are performing.

Cut Out The Middle Man!

We Specialize in Trading Rare Coins

We travel all 50 states and purchase tens of millions of dollars’ worth of

  • rare coins
  • semi-numismatic coins
  • gold bullion
  • silverbullion
  • platinum bullion
  • palladium bullion

We offer these discounted products directly to our best clients … Become a Preferred Member and start saving money!

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