Meet the Team

Meet the AmFed Team

You will not find a more knowledgeable, professional, honest, ethical and experienced team, but that is not what sets us apart. We also have a strong commitment to the quality of our work and to the clients we serve. Loyalty and relationships link our staff to our clients.

Our passion and compassion in what we do resonates to our clients and they realize this is more than a job; it is our commitment to provide the best advice and protect our clients' collections.  It is our goal to build long-term relationships with our clients.  We realize, as with any relationship, it takes communication, trust, and positive results to maintain you as our client!


Nick Grovich - Owner/President

Nick is a recognized industry leader in coins and precious metals.  His strong reputation for trust and honesty has been built over four decades as a professional numismatist.  A member of the most prestigious coin associations, as well as one of only two authorized CAC dealers in Arizona, he has owned American Federal since 1985.

An accomplished author and coin history buff, his books and publications have been sold all over the world.  

Don Gause

Don Gause - Vice President

An expert numismatist, Don has been VP of AmFed since 1986 and travels throughout the country sorting and pricing coins for clients. In the fast-paced metals market, Don is especially diligent at keeping his clients informed of market conditions and advising when to move from coins to metals and vice versa. 

Michelle Sapero

Michele Sapero, Chief Operating and Financial Officer

Chief Financial and Operating Officer of AmFed since 2011, Michele has over two decades of financial, strategic planning and analysis experience. She also brings a wealth of experience from her consulting background, providing leadership, human resources and creative solutions to complex problems. 

Carl Ladas – Managing Broker

Carl has been with the company since 2008.   Carl has extensive knowledge of coins, bullion and business management.  Whether you’re a novice or seasoned collector, Carl is excellent at evaluating needs and expectations based on listening and presenting information in a warm manner.  With Carl, you can expect personal attention and honest conversation.  

Jeremy Sanchez - Director of Marketing

A U.S. Army veteran, Jeremy has moved through the ranks at AmFed.  Mixing his vast experience as a stock broker managing trading accounts, and love of all thing’s tech, Jeremy enjoys bringing AmFed’s unique product to new people.  From national digital, print and radio marketing campaigns, to meeting locals in our hometown of Carefree, Jeremy oversees it all!

Jill Lee – Inventory Manager

With a keen eye, meticulous attention to detail and drive to give awesome customer service, Jill has been with the company since 2012. An integral team player in assuring accuracy in orders, strict management of inventory and continuous awareness of the coin market; all with a contagious great attitude to boot.

Marilyn Geddes - Administrative Assistant

Marilyn has 25 years in customer service and knows how important it is to maintain a positive relationship with her clients. Hard working and dedicated, we can always count on her being part of the team and ready to take on a new challenge. Her father was a keen coin collector and loved to share his passion and knowledge with her.