Collector makes one mistake and missed out on $1.5 million

Collector makes one mistake and missed out on $1.5 million
One lady in Arizona is still kicking herself after she wanted to sell $750,000 worth of numismatic U.S. gold coins, as the price of the precious metal was topping $1900/oz.
A few years earlier, I had strongly suggested she trade these collector coins for the liquidity of gold bullion. She didn’t, and then couldn’t find a buyer before gold dropped. She kept her collection (hoping for another peak that hasn’t happened) and missed out on $1.5 million in cash if she had taken my advice.


Unfortunately, some people think their collector coins will automatically appreciate rapidly if precious metals increase in value. That isn’t always (or even usually) true. You see, in the coin business, timing is everything. For example, even though gold prices have soared since the turn of the millennium, it’s no secret collectors coins have come down quite a bit since 2011. Like any other market, there are highs and lows. Trading at a lower price, like we have today in certain precious metals, is ideal for those who want to hedge a big return. The hard truth is that at least 90% of rare coins don’t move in tandem with the price of precious metals. THIS IS WHERE YOU NEED EXPERTS BY YOUR SIDE. You can sell/trade/consign under-performers and replace them with solid winners that I can show you have consistently risen in value over the decades. In other words, you can get out of the bad and into the good that historic indicators suggest will positively increase in value as precious metals rises.

Since 1983, we’ve reviewed more than 18,000 coin collections from across America! Some people unknowingly have a truly world-class coin or two. Maybe it was an inheritance or jumped up in value after being hidden in a safe for decades, but these super rare coins do very well, even when precious metals are down. Coins that could be worth $25,000... $50,000... sometimes even $100,000 or more each. That’s why it’s crucial you know what your collection is currently worth! PLEASE do not trust someone who only wants to trade coins, with no interest in working with you over the long term. Work with people like AmFed who are transparent, honest and willing to share the risk and reward! 
Nick Grovich is President of AmFed Coin & Bullion, located in Carefree, AZ.

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