Our 15 minute coin review will reveal your true wealth.

Our 15 minute coin review will reveal your true wealth.

After 40 years in coins and precious metals, we have heard it all and seen it all.

Many people come to us asking for help trying to understand the value of their coins. We realize how important it is to educate our clients on their coin portfolios, so they can determine what is best for them.

Some people decide to keep their coins, sell their coins, or trade them into more fluid options such as bullion.

We are offering our Coin Performance Review absolutely free.  Click here for more information, submit your list to info@americanfederal.com or call (800) 221-7694.


"I am now $122,500 ahead"

When I contacted American Federal, I began to realize I made a huge mistake with what I was investing in and with whom. American Federal stepped forward and helped me make adjustments to my coin portfolio (selling my losers) and advised me to hold US. Bullion-related items. Because you listened to my investment objectives, I am now $122,500 ahead. I can’t thank you enough!  ~ E.S., Colorado

"An additional $25k"

I never expected to see an additional $25,000 over and above numbers we discussed. Agreeing to give you my coin collection on consignment and placing trust in you as a man of integrity was the best thing I did with my coin collection. Thanks for a job well done. ~ L.A., New York 

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  • Nick Grovich