U.S. Mint Sold Out

U.S. Mint Sold Out
The U.S. Mint has sold out of 2018 1 oz. Silver Eagles as well as 1 oz. Gold Buffalos. In addition, Gold Eagles are in short supply and unavailable from many suppliers. The glut of physical precious metals is quickly turning into a shortage.
I have been telling you, my clients that the past 8 months were a great time to take advantage of the lowest premiums we have ever seen on Gold and Silver Eagles as well as Gold Buffalo coins. Premiums were historically low on these coins as sales of physical precious metals in the U.S. were very slow.
I predicted that at some point the premiums would go back to normal.
Many investors were waiting for lower spot gold and silver prices. That has indeed happened but as predicted, the premiums have gone up.
Premiums on Gold Eagles have gone up by roughly $24 an ounce while Silver Eagle premiums have increased by about $1 an ounce. 
Currently the premiums are simply back in line with “normal” pricing structures. So, premium prices are back to normal which could change as it did several years ago when gold and silver bottomed out and premiums went through the roof.
Remember the “premium” is simply the cost of a coin or bar above the actual spot or melt price. It affects your “out the door” price.
There are still a few bargains out there such as the Proof Gold Eagle which could easily go up $175 or more in premium.  
If you are still looking for discounted pricing on gold and silver give us a call at (800) 221-7694. I have a limited number of Gold Eagles in both Uncirculated and Proof condition. But only a couple hundred ounces total.
Nick Grovich
Owner and President
P.S. The sale of the 2018 Palladium Eagles by the U.S. Mint on Thursday, Sept 6th was a complete sellout. The U.S. Mint opened sales at noon and was sold out within a few minutes. Clients who took my advice and were able to procure coins did well and are able to turn a quick profit. 

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  • Nick Grovich