Michael Medved and Dennis Prager Top Picks

Michael Medved and Dennis Prager Top Picks
Proof U.S. Gold Eagles
2018 Best Buy
Pay less than going directly to the
U.S. Mint!
These are the coins Michael Medved and Dennis Prager have recently purchased. If you purchase just one type of gold coin this year Proof Gold Eagles would be my overwhelming pick for price appreciation. The premium on these coins are at a 32-year historic low. Prices are so unusually low I can sell you sets for almost $200 LESS than what you pay going directly to the U.S. Mint. A look at the chart below clearly shows the premiums have gone up dramatically soon after the few times that the premium has dropped to historic lows.
In 2007 the premium dropped to 6% over spot only to increase to 85% over spot just 2 years later.
To put it in simpler terms, the price of gold increased $160 over this same period, however the real profit was the increase in premium of an additional $885! The actual price of the Proof Gold Eagle soared from $1,350 to $2,080 even though gold only appreciated $160 an ounce.
Today’s “premium” is lower than it’s ever been since the Mint started producing U.S. Gold Eagles in 1986.This creates a low risk opportunity to double or triple your profits as gold goes higher.
Consider that in September 2016 gold was $1,327 but a Proof Gold Eagle would have cost you around $1,775. Today, with gold in the same price range the same coin is available for as low as $1,465.
So why are these coins my top “BUY” right now? 
Premiums on most gold and silver coins are lower this year compared to past years, as precious metals sales have dropped in half since 2016. The stock market has literally sucked the money out of the gold market, causing the premiums on coins to drop. Bitcoin has skyrocketed and attracted huge amounts of investor and speculative money. Of course, this can all change very quickly.
Proof Gold Eagles are very popular coins and trade in a daily market. They have had an established market since production began in 1986. Unlike many modern coins they are very liquid and easy to sell when the time comes. A big part of the demand for these coins are investors putting them into their IRA accounts. That could mean increased demand is right around the corner with tax season approaching.
The low premium is what makes these coins so undervalued right now. Understand the “premium” is simply the value of a coin above its intrinsic metal value. Today, the premium on Proof Gold Eagles is priced at the lowest point in well over 10 years. That means not only will these coins appreciate as gold prices rise but, also as premiums return to normal ranges. The potential to profit not only on the price of gold but also on the “premium” makes these coins the best bet for appreciation. They could easily go up two or three times as much as the other “bullion” coins. Even if gold stayed in the $1,240-$1,350 range the Proof Gold Eagles could likely gain a couple hundred dollars an ounce. If demand for gold picks up it could be even better.  
If you are going to buy just one type of coin this or next year, Proof Gold Eagles would be my pick.
Only 10 months ago I was selling Proof Gold Eagles to other DEALERS for as much as $1,875 an ounce. If you bought directly from the U.S. Mint, you would pay $1,610 or more per ounce. You can buy them from American Federal for as little as $1,430 for the 1 oz. $50 Proof Gold Eagle. Proof Gold Eagles are available in 4 different denominations as well as a 4-piece set which includes one of each size.
$50 Gold Eagle (1oz)
$25 Gold Eagle (1/2oz)
$10 Gold Eagle (1/4oz)
$5 Gold Eagle (1/10oz)
4-Piece Sets which include one of each of the 4 sizes of coins
I highly recommend the $50, $25 and the 4-piece set of Proof Eagles. However, the $10 and $5 provide a lower entry price point. Supplies are extremely limited, and I doubt the price or premium will stay this low for very long. I rarely get excited about recommending specific coins, but this is one of the few I feel very confident in. Call us for more details or to “lock-in” your Proof Gold Eagles. I will be assembling a Proof Gold booklet to send to all my clients, but I am taking the time to inform my Preferred Clients first.
All coins come in the original government boxes. This is critical since many investors add these coins to IRAs. Proof Gold Eagles must be in original packaging to be accepted into an IRA.
Nick's "Top Pick"
4-piece Proof Gold Eagle Set
1-5 sets @ $2,415 per set
(1 of each coin $50, $25, $10
and $5 Proof Gold Eagle)
Take $50 a set off, for 5 sets or more.
$50 Proof Gold Eagles
1-9 coins @ $1,310 per coin
10 or more coins @ $1,300 per coin
$25 Proof Gold Eagles
1-19 coins @ $655 per coin
20 or more coins @ $650 per coin
$10 Proof Gold Eagle
1-39 coins @ $330 per coin
40 + coins @ $325 per coin

$5 Proof Gold Eagles
Please call for availability
Nick Grovich
President and CEO
Call us at 1-800-221-7694 to lock in your
Proof Gold.

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