Gold losing $100 is YOUR second chance to get in!

Gold losing $100 is YOUR second chance to get in!
Gold and silver have been going steadily up for almost two months with no meaningful pullbacks - until this week. Gold fell more than $100 and silver was down as much as $4 before recovering half of that.
The best news in all of this is that investors have a second chance to get into the precious metals market before prices start hitting new record highs again, which they are likely to do this year and next year.
“Correction represents a second chance to get on the gold, silver bandwagon,”
Bart Melek, TD Securities, Head of Global Strategy.
These dips are when you should take advantage!
For those clients who have been waiting to buy since gold was $1650, $1700, even $1800 this might be the best chance we get. No one knows for sure but with current political outlook, never ending riots and anarchy and little faith in a Russian vaccine,
things do not seem like they are getting better any time soon.
I have not had nearly as many exciting buys the past few weeks as I had the previous month or so. I have purchased something a little different in Gold Bullion coins. It is something you may never have heard of, but I could not resist the price.
Half Ounce Gold from South Korea
I loved the low the premium. The spread (difference between buy and sell) is smaller on these coins than any other major coin.
The premium is less than half of what Gold Eagles would cost and much less than any other Bullion coin or bar that I can find.
Not only are we saving over $100/ oz on the price of gold, but another $100 on premium!
I sold close to 500 of the current 1oz South Korean coins and they are now completely sold out, but I managed to buy 200 Half Ounce Gold coins.
That is only 5% over spot gold.
(prices subject to change)
These coins have a very limited mintage (only 1000 were struck in 2019) and arrive in original mint packaging. The obverse is a bust of mythological Do ggae bi on a shield and the reverse is an image of Chiwoo approaching the Gates of Hell. Certainly a unique and interesting coin!
Remember this is the LOWEST PREMIUM OVER GOLD, limited to coins in stock and once sold out I doubt I'll be able to obtain more.
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Nick Grovich
President & Owner
AmFed Coin & Bullion

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