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Nick Grovich and Dennis Prager

A message from Dennis Prager

Nick Grovich is my choice for coins and precious metals. Nick knows a tremendous amount and he is honest. It takes a lot for me to personally endorse someone because its my reputation at stake! With Nick, I do not hesitate to do so. If you own coins, maybe you inherited a collection, or have a family member that collects, then AmFed will give you an expert review of current value and historical trends. That's why they buy, sell, trade and consign collections. Most dealers only sell in order to hide their high mark-ups, whereas AmFed is transparent and promises a no-pressure assessment for FREE.

2020 marks AmFed's 40th year in the business. I’m delighted to be associated with Nick Grovich.


Dennis Prager for AmFed

A special offer for listeners of the Dennis Prager Show

For a limited time only, listeners of the Dennis Prager show can now discover what their coins are worth and how they are really performing with a FREE in-person, phone or email appraisal by AmFed owner and experienced bullion expert Nick Grovich. To obtain your FREE Coin Performance Review, click the link below and fill out the CPR form, send your list to info@americanfederal.com, or just call Nick at (800) 221-7694.

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