Why invest in gold and silver?   Gold and silver have been a trusted store of wealth for thousands of years.  Many experts agree that it is a true safe-haven asset in a world of constant change and volatility.   Precious metals are a finite resource that are not controlled by the government or financial institutions and it cannot be printed by any government unlike paper currency.   It is considered rare enough to be considered valuable and durable because it does not corrode unlike some other metals. 


Inflation Hedge

Precious metals are considered a good hedge against inflation because the rising cost of goods and services, in addition to the out of control printing of money tends to erode the value of the dollar.   In 1923 a $20 gold piece could buy a man a really nice tailored suit.   Today, that same $20 gold piece can buy a man a really nice tailored suit.  Whereas the dollar today is less than 5% of the dollars value in the early 20th century.  


Privacy and negotiability Guaranteed

One of the most unique benefits of gold and silver is when you acquire them, your personal information is not stored or shared with any entity outside our company.  What you do with your precious metals and where you store them is your business and no one elses.   They cannot be hacked or erased with a click of a mouse.


Supply and Demand

As investors are becoming more and more apprehensive about financial institutions with the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and others, gold prices hit a near record high of $2,067 in May.  Many central banks have been buying gold and silver to hedge this risk of market volatility and turbulence. Not to mention, many electronic, medical devices, amongst other products consume a large amount of precious metals. 



They are a trusted currency throughout the world allowing you to convert them into the currency of your choice in any country.   

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  • Nick Grovich