Precious Metals Buy on the Dip

Precious Metals Buy on the Dip

Gold and Silver continue to react to every piece of economic data. Gold is up $20 one minute and down $20 another.


It is scared money overreacting to any small piece of economic news.


The jobs report was much better than expected last week, and gold dropped, the assumption is the Fed will raise rates.


This morning gold was up until Canada raised their interest rates, gold dropped $20, because again the thinking is the Fed will raise rates.


Every day is a new reaction to news that really isn't that relevant.


Everyone agrees that whether the Fed raises rates one more time or not everyone agrees future rate hikes will come to an end.


That would be positive for Gold and Silver.


So, buy on the dips. Take advantage of the volatility and save some money.

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  • Nick Grovich