Fractional gold is tough to find right now, especially any pre-2022 coins. The U.S. Mint has made fewer ½ oz and smaller coins for the last 5 years and is only now ramping up production.


Production of 2017-2019 were so low that they are among the very lowest mintages for the entire series. Mintage for 2017 and 2018 are 37,000 and 32,000 pieces, respectively. The only two years with lower mintages are 1991 with 24,100 produced and 1990 with a tiny 31,000 coins produced. These two dates wholesale for around $4,000 each!


Dealers are once again promoting lower mintage coins and have sent prices of many issues to all time highs. I believe they will need to start buying and promoting more and more low mintage dates which will benefit the later date coins such as 2017, 2018 and 2019. We don't want to jump on the bandwagon and overpay for the coins that have already been run up. Just the opposite. We want to buy the low mintage dates that come available without paying huge premiums.


As many of you know, this strategy has worked well in the past.


For example, for several years we begged buyers to by Proof Gold Eagles for small premiums over the regular Bullion Gold Eagle. That has worked out perfectly and only took a few years. An example of how well it worked is easy to see from a conversation I had this morning with a client. He bought a 4 piece Gold Eagle Proof set for $2,700 in 2019.


Since then, the gold in this set went up $555 but the premium also went up about $450 nearly doubling his profit.


That is a great example of why its worth buying low mintage or Proof coins ONLY when the premium is low.


There are some really good deals on more recent dated coins. So far they have not been promoted but I am sure its just a matter of time before they are.


Buying more recent low mintage dates that have not yet appreciated much above the common date coins limits any downside risk, while giving us not only the appreciation from increasing gold price, but hopefully an increase in rarity price as we have seen on The Proof Gold Eagles.


I love deals like this. Unfortunately, it is hard to find the right coins. There are quite a few different coins I would recommend but I just can't find them, after all they are LOW MINTAGE coins which were originally sold as bullion and most reside in investor's safes.


Most of what I sell to clients right now are 2022 dated coins simply because people are not selling their gold or silver back into the market. Most of the supply is from various Mints producing new coins.


I managed to buy a very small number of low mintage $25 Gold Eagles. I only paid about $30 extra premium for the dates. That’s $30 more than the 2022 dated coins. It’s a tiny premium and I felt well worth the small



I purchased only 4 rolls of 2017 (160 coins) and 2 rolls of 2018 (80 coins).


The Mintage of 2017 is only 37,000 coins. The 2018 has a production of only 32,000 coins.


The table below compares coins with similar mintages.


Most $25 Gold eagles have mintages above 70,000 coins. The first year of issue, 1986 saw just under 600,000 coins produced

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  • Nick Grovich