2021 Summer Update

2021 Summer Update

Dr. Fauci and the Dems can’t stand to let Americans live free, operate their businesses, or enjoy life. Even though these leaders are doing just that at our expense. Our so-called leaders are having parties, going to concerts and having dinner parties while they lockdown the rest of us and close our businesses. Did you really think they would just let COVID go away when it’s been “God’s gift to the left” according to Pelosi?

My point is that for the first time in months the unemployment numbers were supposedly beat. The last few expectations were blow outs. June expectations were 1 million, but we only got 288k. Likewise, the several reports prior were missed by huge margins- not just tens of thousands but by many hundreds of thousands. Suddenly we are to believe the economy and job creation are so hot that the Fed will abandon its easy money policy even after claiming for months that inflation is under control? I call bull. The government is pushing for $1.2 trillion in new spending- just to get things rolling. Another $3.5- $5 trillion is already in the works. How the President can claim that printing more money fights inflation is mind boggling to me. If you believe the rhetoric, you should probably sell your gold BUT if you believe, as I do, the Fed will continue to make excuses and delay any meaningful tightening then this sell off is a gift. 

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  • Nick Grovich