100 days of Biden being "More Progressive"

100 days of Biden being "More Progressive"
100 days of Biden being “more progressive“ than even the most liberal expected!
The Government is printing money like never before. A trillion here a trillion there and soon we are talking about real money.
We are printing so fast that the Fed now decided to NOT report the M1 and M2 money supply on a weekly basis. Fed Chairman Powell has basically said the supply of money does not matter because it is not related to inflation.
Do they really believe that? Isn’t inflation exactly an increase in the amount of money available?
It appears they would just as well not report any monetary statistics so that no one knows just how much is being printed. 
The new economic model is to print as much money as we need and hide it.
If that doesn’t scare you then you simply are not paying attention.
Inflation is the natural result of massive money creation and spending.
Food prices are up substantially. The average grocery bill is up 3.9% while beef and pork are up 20%.
Gasoline has spiked nearly 50%. I know here in Carefree my cost has gone from $2.19 a gallon to $3.39!
Housing has taken off. If you already own a house that’s good news, but if you are shopping for one you may have a tough time.
In Arizona we are being literally invaded by Californians trying to escape the Peoples Republic of California.
I just saw a report that 1/3 of Millennials approve of Communism.
Even Bill Maher, the liberal TV host is telling Millennials their ideas are stupid!
We have moved more towards Socialism in the past few months than in the past 10 years and it is only starting.
The younger generation likely will not learn the truth until its too late.
All these unfortunate events point to substantial increase in precious metals over the next few years.
If you are thinking you might pick up gold on another dip you may want to not worry about saving $20 on gold or a couple bucks on silver and buy while you can.
That may sound like I am being alarmist but I’m not.
We have had a silver shortage for months and gold has been in short supply. Premiums on Silver Eagles have more than tripled, Gold Eagle premiums more than doubled. I have seen shortages and high premiums before but never anything that has lasted this long and there's no end in sight.
Right now, prices are relatively low compared to the last 10 months. Sales are generally slower when prices are down. I know it makes no sense, but people see lower prices and assume they can just wait to buy. The minute prices start to rise everyone jumps back in.
When prices and demand increase it will severely impact physical supplies even more.
We are already waiting as much as 6 weeks for many silver products and up to 4 weeks for certain gold items. When demand picks up it will be very difficult to get supplies of gold, silver, or platinum.
There are very few “DEALS” in the marketplace these days. I do my best to offer them when I have something of exceptional value.
Many times, I sell out before I even have a chance to send an email.

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  • Nick Grovich