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U.S. Eagles

A quick history of the U.S. Eagle numismatic coins

The U.S. government began the Eagle coin program in 1986 (Platinum in 1997). Since then the U.S. Eagles have become not only one of the most popular and widely traded bullion coins but have also attracted huge numbers of collectors.

The fact is, the government actually defines ALL Eagles as “numismatic” coins directly in the legislation that created the coins – an added bonus for those who are concerned about the possibility of confiscation. If you are concerned, I would suggest you print or ask us for a copy of the legislation and keep it with your coins (click here to print). If there is confiscation of any metal you then have proof from the government that you hold numismatic coins which most experts expect would be exempt.

Further proof of the collect-ability of U.S. Eagles is the large number of collectors who participate in the Registry Set collecting. PCGS and NGC have a point system so collectors can compete in owning the finest sets. It’s an immensely popular feature and has created markets for key date and ultra-rare coins. As collectors compete to have the finest set or be in the top 10 or 20 sets in the country they are forced to bid against each other not only for the highest quality coins but also for each and every variety of coin.

In today’s market there are many opportunities to buy Gold, Silver and Platinum Eagle coins at the lower precious metals based price that have real potential to bring higher collectible profits to you.

The $25 American Gold Eagle and $10 American Gold Eagle are some of the most widely collected and promoted modern coins. Older date Silver American Eagles and Platinum American Eagles also present many great opportunities to buy “bullion” coins that could command much higher collector premiums over the next few years.

Older date coins are available for about the same price that dealers are promoting the new 2015 coins, but have much higher potential to make you extra profits. Even if the collector’s market never comes back you don’t lose because we are buying these coins based on the current market price for “bullion” priced Gold Eagles.

It seems like a straight forward recommendation but it is VERY important to buy the right dates and pay reasonable prices. If you simply buy the current years coins or worse yet, pay high retail prices you severely limit your chance of making a profit.

At American Federal we believe you should get true value for your money and we never charge you more for fluff. Call 1-800-221-7694 today for prices on U.S. Eagles. Whether it is Gold Eagles, Platinum Eagles, or Silver Eagles, we will give you the best price out there! Give us a Call!

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Public Law 99-185 99th Congress
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