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Reading Guide for “The Big Lies & Absolute Truth!”

I am glad you contacted my company American Federal Rare Coin and Bullion. We are a very different kind of coin and bullion company. We don’t employ hard core salespeople and we don’t push inappropriate coins down our clients throats just to help the bottom line.

If you are reading this you should have my latest book “The Big Lies & Absolute Truth!” Each chapter is only a few pages longs so hopefully you will have time to read it.

If you quickly look at Section II pages 23-56, you will see that we recommended most people not to buy rare coins at all. I also explain how salesmen’s new math hides the extreme markups that so many of the big retails charge. Let’s face it, most people would never pay a 40 – 45% mark up on an “investment”

Pages 77 to 78 explain how you can tell if the “spread” is being used to deceive you. Look, I know there are dozens of coin companies looking for your business. I want you to realize American Federal is nearly alone in our commitment to our clients. Most of what I have written about in my last two books has come true and a look at American Federal’s past performances should prove to you that we not only have our clients best interests at heart, but we truly research the markets before we share any information with our clients. We will tell you which coins are the best potential winners AND tell you when to sell.

I am not claiming I can predict the precious metals market’s highs and lows, but I do believe we at American Federal can give you the information you need to make educated investment decisions.

If you love Rare Coins as much as I do, turn to pages 141 – 149. Here I give you some advice on saving money and how to deal with most brokers. To make it in the rare coin market you must be educated and involved. Learn what it is to call a coin “RARE”. Most dealers will sell you a coin as “rare” and it is actually quite common.

I get a lot of questions from my clients or those who call in to my radio show. Unfortunately, a lot of these questions come after the purchase has been made and the answer is not always easy to hear. Read chapter 35 beginning on page 171. Here I give the best-informed answers to the many questions I have been asked from how to start investing to what gets reported to the government.

I know that my book will help you.

The market is changing again. It is time to evaluate what you own so that you are positioned correctly for the next market phase. Let us at American Federal perform a FREE Coin Performance Review of your portfolio. The next 5 – 10 years will be full of new opportunities.

Call me or one of my right hand men, Don or Carl, and let us review your portfolio. You can also send us a list of your coins and we will do a complete review. If you decide to sell or trade any coins we can take care of everything for you.

If you are just starting to get involved we can point you in the right direction for you to meet your goals with as little risk as possible. I hope you give us a call today 1-800-221-7694!


Nick Grovich

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