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Is Platinum Perfect For You?

Is Platinum Perfect for You?

I have rarely seen a market like today’s platinum market. The price of platinum has dropped with other precious metals and a slow world economy. This is creating, what I believe, is an exceptional opportunity. Like other metals, the price of platinum is determined by the “paper” market. So often the price that metals trade in futures and options markets affects the daily spot price.

It makes no sense when it comes to the actual physical supply of platinum.

Most people assume that they can buy precious metals in any quantity, any time they want. That’s true in the gold and silver markets most of the time. Want 1000 ounces of gold? Or 20,000 ounces of silver? No problem. It’s easy to get delivery most any day of the week. But try to buy even 100 ounces of platinum, especially the U.S. Eagles, and you could end up waiting and searching for actual coins. The U.S. Mint has completely stopped production of its Platinum Eagle Bullion coins. Other countries such as Australia are producing fewer and fewer platinum coins. In fact the premium (the amount over the actual intrinsic value of the metal in a coin) has doubled on coins like the Canadian Maple Leaf and many Platinum Eagles in 2015. This tells me that the actual cost of physical platinum is higher than the quoted daily price. The question becomes this – What happens when the economies of countries like China rebound and the demand for this rare metal takes off? We have seen it before and platinum soared to nearly double what it is today. Read the following report and I think you will agree that platinum is truly undervalued in today’s market and offers tremendous potential for those who are willing to buy platinum at today’s low prices.

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