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Investor's Guide to Rare Coins

Who Would Benefit from our FREE Investor’s Guide to Rare Coins?


Whether you bought coins recently or decades ago, the market changes and Nick will help you keep up with current trends.

Inherited Coins-

Need information on what the coins are worth?

Investing in Bullion or Rare Coins-

Looking to invest in something more than stocks, bonds, or mutual funds?

Learning more about the coin market-

We’ve created this exclusive Investor’s Guide in response to these factors.  It is an easy way to value your coins.   It provides the most commonly traded U.S. coins.   If you are not sure how to trade coins, or your coins are not in our Investor’s Guide, feel free to call us and we can give you more information and provide you a free evaluation.

In our FREE Investor’s Guide you will find…

  • Tips on which coins to invest in and which coins to avoid.
  • Examples of common pitfalls that so many dealers use to trick you into buying the wrong coins for their gain!
  • Included are charts with values of the most common modern and rare coins.
  • Selling? How to get more money for your coins.

Why take that first step and get started with our FREE Investor’s Guide?

  • Quickly evaluate the worth of your precious metals.
  • Are you investing in precious metals coins as part of your retirement?
    • Do you continue to monitor how your stocks, bonds, IRAs, & 401ks are performing, but not your coin or bullion investment?
    • We will evaluate your coins on a regular basis to ensure you are on target for your retirement needs with our free CPR (Coin Performance Review).
    • Don’t blindly wait 5, 15 or 20 years to find out how you are doing on your coins, especially if you are including them as part of your retirement portfolio.
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