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In-Person Appraisals

We Travel To You

There is no need to worry about taking your coins to various locations all over town. We travel to you no matter where you are in the United States and offer a free professional evaluation in the comfort and safety of your home, office, attorney or accountant’s office, wherever you feel comfortable. We’ve provided free, in-person, rare coin portfolio evaluations for over 13,000 investors. They’re absolutely free of cost, obligation, or pressure. Meet with us today and find out what we can do for you.

Receive an In-person Appraisal

Are you tired of losing money in coins year after year, wondering if your coins will ever turn around? Do you think it might finally be time to do something? Let us help you!

Make that call to (800) 221-7694 today and ask for your free in-person American Federal Confidential Portfolio Review or Contact Us by EMAIL and we’ll get you set up with an appointment slot for your state. When we travel, we usually visit only 40-50 people per trip, so call early to find out when we will be in your state and get on our list for an appointment.

We met at my local bank and right away I saw their professionalism and sensed their honesty and straight-forward manner. Almost with each transaction they referred to the current “Gray Sheet” and Coin Dealer Newsletter for present values. I was well pleased and would not hesitate to deal with them again.

Logan K., TX

Nick it was good to see you again, and Don it was nice to meet you. Thank you for taking the time to meet with me today, and in particular, for taking the time to discuss strategy, your thoughts on the market and its recent history (including the whole market-maker issue that I did not know), and for listening to my reasons both for retaining coins and for parting with others. I also appreciate the fact that there was no hard pressure to part with some of the more valuable coins that I retained (at least for the present time, I may want to part with them at some future date), and I felt that your explanation for why you recommended selling certain coins was very helpful to me in deciding to part with more coins than I may have planned before our meeting. Of course, I wish you much success in your sales efforts and hope that you will be able to surprise all of us. I look forward to hearing from you as to sales results and any potential new purchases.

Gary C., PA

We conduct In-person appraisals around the US

Find out what your coins are worth and where you stand. Find out how to sell your coins for the most money possible or how to turn your portfolio into an asset that’s likely to go up in value…not down. Get the facts and advice you need to make the right decisions for you and your family. Your free visit will be a pleasant and convenient way to find out what your coins are worth, where you stand, and what your options are. If you decide you want to sell your coins or rebuild your portfolio with bullion coins for investment potential or economic protection, we can help you.

The team at American Federal travels the country – providing in-person appraisals to people just like you!

Our schedule fills up fast, so be sure to contact us ASAP. We’ll discuss your portfolio over the phone. You’ll have a good idea of what your coins are worth and where you stand by the end of the call. If your coins are worth $10,000 or more and you want us to see you while we’re in your area, give us a call for an appointment. You can have your Confidential Portfolio Review by mail or phone if you have less than $10,000 in coins, or if you simply prefer it that way. We’ll be happy to send you shipping materials if you qualify. You can also visit us at American Federal in the Phoenix area. No matter what, your review will be absolutely free of cost, obligation, or pressure of any kind.