Complimentary Information

Complimentary Information


At American Federal Rare Coin and Bullion, we take great pride in how much emphasis our company places on the importance of educating investors. We never want you to buy, sell, trade, or commit to consignment until you’re 100% comfortable with your decision.

When you’ve been in the rare coin and bullion industry for as long as we have – more than three decades – you gain a lot of important insights about this unique market.

So, while you’re always more than welcome to contact us with any questions you may have either about your specific portfolio or the market at large, we hope you’ll also take advantage of the resources below.

We’ve hand-selected them as some of the best materials for increasing an investors knowledge about gold, silver, platinum palladium, and everything involved with their respective markets.


Complimentary Books


Investor's Guide


Coin Grade Guide


U.S. Mint Marks


U.S. Eagle Mintages


Spot Metal Pricings

Performance Review

Precious Metals IRA

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