Coin Appraisal

Coin Performance Review

  • CPR is a free evaluation of your coins. We want you to know exactly what your coins are worth.

  • It will help you assess liquidity.

    • After your evaluation you will be able to determine how easily you can resell your rare coins.

    • Most investors are better off owning precious metals in bullion form.

      • Precious metals have exploded since 1999.

      • Precious metals appreciate for many reasons (mostly political.)

  • Have a full understanding of the potential of your rare coins

    • Although, super rare, historical coins have performed well.

    • Even though there is a small % of super rare coins, here is an opportunity to see if you own one!

  • Our CPR could alleviate any confiscation concerns you might have.

  • Do you monitor how your stocks, bonds, IRA’s, & 401k’s are performing? How about your rare coin or bullion investment?
  • Know your FULL true net worth so that you may determine if you are positioned correctly for retirement.
  • We can evaluate your coins on a regular basis to ensure you are on target for your retirement needs with our free CPR (Coin Performance Review).
  • Don’t blindly wait 5, 10, 20, or 30 years to find out how you are doing on your coins, especially if you are including them as part of your retirement portfolio. OR as hard assets to be left to heirs.
  • It is time to give CPR to your portfolio – our FREE, in-person Coin Performance Review quickly charts in black and white, the TRUE performance of any traded coin.
  • You will know exactly how your coins are performing and their current market value.
  • You will have the information you need to decide if you should keep, sell, or trade your coins.
  • You will have the knowledge to decide if trading into Gold, Silver or Platinum bullion coins are your best option based on your goals.
  • If you truly love rare coins, you may choose to keep the coins that you have, OR have the option to trade for higher potential rarities.
  • If you decide to sell your coins we will pay you top $$$ on the spot! Or you may choose to consign your coins for a higher potential profit.
  • American Federal is privately owned and has been operated by Nick Grovich for over 35 years. A true coin dealer and collector, who operates on his honesty, ethics, knowledge and professionalism!

  • American Federal has offered this personalized service for over 20 years. You may qualify for an in-person visit …… no matter where you live in the U.S.  We will always start with a phone conversation.

  • We are a full service coin dealer, our team of experts at American Federal travel the U.S., conducting in-person Coin Performance Reviews for investors and collectors just like you.

  • American Federal has earned a reputation for paying high prices for your coins.

  • Because we care! We educate our clients and let you make the best decision for you!

  • No high pressure sales!

  • Live in Arizona?  Visiting?  Come meet with us or call us at 1-800-221-7694 and see for yourself!

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