Coin Consignment

Coin Consignment

Our Guaranteed Coin Consignment Program

Why consign?

It gives us time to work your portfolio coin by coin, until we find the best buyer for each one, and the more we get, the more you get. It’s that simple.

Examples of Our Results:

  • We guaranteed a retired Army Colonel from a town in Northern California at least $50,000 for his coins. We paid him $79,091.
  • We guaranteed a dairy farmer outside of Albany, NY at least $43,755 for his coins. We paid him $78,240.
  • We guaranteed a collector in Libertyville, IL at least $22,370 for his coins. We paid him $28,702.
  • We guaranteed a couple from Syracuse, NY at least $1,700 for their coins. We paid them $4,320.
  • We guaranteed a disabled worker from Edwardsville, IL at least $36,000 for his coins. We paid him $38,785.
  • We guaranteed an heir in Mesa, AZ at least $253,000 for her coins. We paid her $307,000
  • We paid a retired doctor $230,000 for a coin with a list price of only $135,000 and a recent auction sale of only $97,500.

American Federal’s Guaranteed Consignment vs Consignment with Other Dealers

With Other Dealers’ Consignment:

  • You take the market risk.
  • You don’t receive any money until your coins sell.
  • It can take months to get paid.
  • You are stuck with the coins that don’t sell.

At American Federal:

  • We guarantee to pay you 1/3 our cash offer for your coins upfront, on-the-spot.
  • We guarantee the sale of your coin – most sales are completed and paid in full within 4-6 weeks.
  • We guarantee to pay you at least our original offer … no matter what! We take all the risk! You won’t get a penny less than our original cash offer…even if the market completely collapses before your coins are sold!
  • We guarantee to buy every coin. You’ll receive our original offer on ALL coins remaining at the end of the consignment period.
  • We guarantee that at any point you can say, “buy the rest of my coins today!” We’ll pay you the next business day for the coins already sold and pay you our original offer on any unsold coins.


Trading for different coins? We’ll start reserving new coins right away and we won’t wait until we sell yours. Consigning won’t cost you any great buys or appreciation potential. If you decide to trade into Gold or Silver bullion coins instead, we’ll give them to you at dealer’s cost. No extra commission or mark-up.

We purchase coins from our clients in two ways, depending on YOUR goals and needs we can help you decide whether consignment or an outright purchase is in your best interest.  We will offer you both options in writing and you will decide what direction to take.   Call (800) 221-7694 or Contact Us today to find out how much more your coins could bring through American Federal’s Guaranteed Consignment Program.

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