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About Us

About Us

American Federal – helping clients in-person throughout the United States

American Federal Rare Coin & Bullion has built a reputation as one of the most trustworthy dealers in the world of rare coins.
The secret to our success is twofold.
First, we offer only the finest-quality coins at the most competitive prices to individual collectors, investors, and dealers.
Second, we believe in the importance of educating our clients whenever necessary. Many of our customers have been dealing in rare coins for a decade or more and don’t need much help, but others appreciate our dedication to making them as comfortable as possible before buying, selling, or trading.
We view all of our clients as partners, which is why we take such a great interest in offering them the best experience possible.

In-Depth Knowledge, Innovation, and Flexibility

When looking for a dealer in rare coins, it’s important that you consider just how much they know about this unique field.
Our in-depth knowledge of the rare coin market has given us the ability to consistently earn top returns for our clients. It is also one of the many reasons our company has become associated with some of the most respected coin and bullion experts in the world, including Jay Abraham, Dr. Gary North, and Dr. Robert Prechter.
The market is constantly changing, which is why our company puts a premium on the kind of flexibility and innovation that allows us to change with it. Our clients are never stuck at an impasse because we have to battle against the market’s direction.
Most dealers constantly get their investors in at the top of the market – never an ideal situation.
However, we take a view that is contrary to the traditional perspective. Over the years, this distinction has allowed us to consistently provide returns for our clients.
This is why we don’t believe in ever jumping on the bandwagon. Instead, our process has always remained the same: analyze the market as it moves, so we can sell into strength and buy into weakness.
Of course, there are times when the market simply stagnates. That’s when most dealers advise their clients to “be patient” and wait for things to (hopefully) change.
At American Federal, we’ve been through these downturns countless times and know of a number of innovative ways to find opportunities with other dealers and collectors looking to do the same.

Trade with Confidence

American Federal has been operating out of the Phoenix area since 1982, with Nick Grovich becoming sole owner in 1985. Since then, our reputation has been built on offering only the finest-quality coins and bullion at the most competitive prices to individual collectors, investors, and dealers.
We are authorized to trade directly on the Certified Coin Exchange and transact a large volume of business with other dealers nationwide.
In fact, 75% of our business is “to the trade.” This is a huge advantage as it means we consistently have buyers ready for our clients’ coins, eliminating unnecessary, often lengthy, wait times.
While past performance is not a guarantee of future gains, we are confident in our innovative strategies and investment tactics. They’ve been honed over more than three decades to earn our clients the highest returns on their rare coin and bullion portfolio.
Finally, we have always been known for paying only the highest prices possible for our clients’ rare coins.
But, just as important, we are also known for paying that amount, in total and on the spot.
So, while most dealers would struggle to match our prices – much less pay more – you’ll have a hard time finding one who can also give you the full payment right away. Many will actually request that you wait months before they can give you the entire amount.
American Federal has been in the Phoenix area since 1982. Nick Grovich became sole owner in 1985. Our reputation has been earned by offering only the finest quality coins and bullion at the most competitive prices to individual collectors, investors and dealers. While past performance is not a guarantee of future gains, we are confident that our innovative strategies and investment tactics will work to earn you the highest return for your rare coin and bullion portfolio.

Three Decades of Honesty, Integrity & Excellence

American Federal started as a wholesale dealer in the 1980s.
Since then, we have grown to offer in-person evaluations of rare coins throughout the entire United States. Our team deals primarily in certified, high-quality, and rare-date coins, as well as all types of bullion.
Some of the finest-known coins have passed through our inventory, too. That includes the best-known $10 Indian and $2½ Indian Registry sets.
By constantly monitoring the market and staying a step ahead of our competition, we have successfully helped clients – just like you – profit on a regular basis. This dependability is why so many of our customers come back to us again and again.
We also have the distinction of being one of the initial dealers involved with NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation) coin grading services since its inception.

Personal Affiliations

At American Federal, we have always believed it’s vital for our company and staff to maintain national memberships to a variety of trade organizations and other coin- and bullion-related affiliates. Among other things, this helps ensure our team is always in-touch with the market.
American Federal Coin & Bullion owners or our staff are currently members of the following Professional Affiliations and Trading Networks. We also have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (Arizona).
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