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Michael Medved recommends Nick Grovich & American Federal

Nick Grovich, President of American Federal Rare Coin & Bullion, with Michael Medved

“I have worked with several precious metals dealers over the years and American Federal Rare Coin & Bullion is the only dealer that I personally trust with my precious metals portfolio. It’s been my great pleasure to work with Nick Grovich, American Federal’s President and CEO. I am so happy with American Federal’s expertise and the investment knowledge they share to enable me to make informed and educated decisions. Do what I did – call American Federal today! 800-221-7694.”

Michael Medved, The Michael Medved Show, America’s #1 Show on Pop Culture and Politics

Client Testimonials

After 3 decades in the rare coin and bullion market we feel we have made more than a few of our clients happy (We have helped them make money too!)

Here are actual testimonials from just a few of our happy clients. Call us today … and we can make you happy too!

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  • Donna R., Arizona
    Great company to do business with. Carl has been a great help, he makes you feel comfortable knowing he has the best interests of his clients at heart. His expertise in the business helps me make the right decisions regarding my investments. Also, TRUST is a big plus because there are many not-so-reputable precious metal dealers out there.
    Donna R., Arizona
  • Dr. and Mrs. T., Minnesota
    Prompt payment was a blessing in disguise. Thank you for visiting my wife and me in Minnesota. It’s not every day that we get to visit with such a professional. Your expertise and knowledge in the rare coin market was right on! Your prompt payment was not only a relief, but a blessing in disguise. Thank you so much for all your help!
    Dr. and Mrs. T., Minnesota
  • C.M., Montana
    Positioned properly with peace of mind. It was 18 months ago that you explained how I was paying too much and purchasing the wrong type of coins. With your help, I am now positioned properly and have peace of mind that I’m now headed in the right direction. If I had done nothing, I would be losing more money, be in a non-liquid position and be relying on a dealer that would not return my calls.
    C.M., Montana
  • L.A., New York
    An additional $25,000! I never expected to see an additional $25,000 over and above numbers we discussed. Agreeing to give you my coin collection on consignment and placing trust in you as a man of integrity was the best thing I did with my coin collection. Thanks for a job well done.
    L.A., New York
  • E.S., Colorado
    I am now $122,500 ahead! When I contacted American Federal, I began to realize I made a huge mistake with what I was investing in and with whom. American Federal stepped forward and helped me make adjustments to my coin portfolio (selling my losers) and advised me to hold US. Bullion-related items. Because you listened to my investment objectives, I am now $122,500 ahead. I can’t thank you enough!
    E.S., Colorado
  • Ira K., New Jersey
    I recently called American Federal to obtain a quote. Carl gave me better advice than any other company I called. What’s more, he noticed that an error had been made in an order seven years before. Without hesitation, he advised Nick who immediately credited me the difference. I did not even know that there had been a problem. If that isn’t reason to trust American Federal, I don’t know what is!
    Ira K., New Jersey
  • R.C., Texas
    American Federal saved me $385,000! I want to express my thanks and gratitude for your recent visit. Your quick payment of almost $1 million was as promised. Your professionalism, market expertise and follow-through saved me $385,000 based on current market conditions. Thank you.
    R.C., Texas
  • D.H., Plano, TX
    We never thought we’d contact a firm that would listen to what we wanted to do and then provide the avenue to help us accomplish our ultimate goal. Your professional approach, market analysis and prompt payment (no hassles) helped in the completion of our new home. Satisfaction is hardly the word to use … we are extremely thankful and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend American Federal to others.
    D.H., Plano, TX
  • K.W., Salem, South Carolina
    Many, many thanks for making a stressful time in our lives much easier.  The moment my Mother met you, she was at ease and appreciated the way you handled a sensitive subject.  Things have changed so much for all of us in the last year, but your kindness, professionalism and honesty was just what we needed. Thank you for selling and getting such nice figures for her.  We are being cautious with money as my Dad was a very hard worker, very generous (maybe too much), but didn’t ever make a lot of money….he did, however, make sure that his three daughters were college educated (neither he nor my Mom were).  We owe them so much.  This will most definitely help. Peace and blessings to you.
    K.W., Salem, South Carolina
  • M.B., California
    I first heard about American Federal Rare Coin and Bullion from the Michael Medved show.  Michael said he had had personal contact with the principals and he found them to be honest, forthright, and good people. I had been collecting some gold and silver for about ten years, but after hearing such a sincere explanation from Michael, I decided to give American Federal a call. I reached Carl Ladas who was very pleasant and gave me all the information I wanted.  Carl suggested that before we move forward, he wanted to send me some valuable information from the company’s president, Nick Grovich.  Two days later I received a book with some other helpful coin and bullion facts.  Nick’s book was honest, easily understandable, and helped me feel comfortable moving forward with setting up a meeting with Nick and Carl. To my surprise, they offered to come to my home in California from their office in Arizona.  We spent about three hours together.  There was never any pressure to do anything or invest in anything I was not comfortable with.  Nick and Carl explained how any transaction would go down and it was pointed out how they would be compensated for their work.  We mutually agreed how to move forward and needless to say, I was very pleased with how things turned out.  These men were totally professional and very personable. I have now done multiple transactions with them, and feel they are always looking out for what would give me the most value for the money I would spend.  The entire staff I have dealt with has been quick to answer any of my questions, while doing it with a smile in their voice.  I highly recommend American Federal Rare Coin and Bullion.
    M.B., California
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