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Good as Gold AdviceHosted by Nick Grovich, President and Owner of American Federal, “Good As Gold” will share the inner secrets of the industry – and how YOU can profit from rare coins and precious metals no matter what the market is doing. To hear Nick LIVE in the Phoenix/Metro area, tune in weekly to Money Radio AM 1510 Thursdays from 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.(MST)  “Good As Gold” also airs Fridays in Palm Springs, CA on Money Radio 1200 from 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. (PDT)  Or if you are outside the Phoenix/Metro and Palm Springs area, visit our video history page to see what Nick discussed on air.  We also have Podcasts available for download.  There are several ways to hear Nick’s advice on today’s metals market, don’t be left behind.

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Most people at one point or another hear that gold and precious metals are Protect Your Wealth With Precious Metalsa hedge against inflation, devalued currency, global economic problems, and a variety of other crisis.

This new booklet Protect Your Wealth with Precious Metals will define what a Precious Metal is. It will also help you decide the question – Are Precious Metals Right for YOU!


Is Platinum Right For You?The U.S. Mint has completely stopped production of its Platinum Eagle Bullion coins.

Other countries such as Australia are producing fewer and fewer platinum coins. In fact the premium (the amount over the actual intrinsic value of the metal in a coin) has doubled on coins like the Canadian Maple Leaf and many Platinum Eagles in 2015.

This tells me that the actual cost of physical platinum is higher than the quoted daily price.

The question becomes this – What happens when the economies of countries like China rebound and the demand for this rare metal takes off?


rare coin want search

Do you ever wonder what are your coins worth?  Valuing your numismatic coins can be very challenging for the average collector/investor. There are a multitude of supposed price guides. Many are sponsored outright or roundabout by dealers. While they are not fraudulent they can be easily misinterpreted by the public.


This 15-point synopsis will illustrate those categories 15 coins you dont want to buy or holdof coins that he has found do not offer significant upside potential and should therefore be viewed as unattractive investments.



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Silver Eagles

Silver Eagles are a great way to buy silver. They are available in “Monster Boxes” of 500 coins, Rolls of 20 [...]

Gold Eagles

Gold Eagles Authorized by Congress in 1985 and first minted in 1986, American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins are minted according to the [...]

Gold CombiBar

The Gold CombiBar is a Swiss made 50 gram credit card sized gold bar that is manufactured to be broken into [...]

American Gold Buffalo

American Gold Buffalo Bullion Coins are the first .9999 fine 24-karat gold coins ever struck by the United States Mint. These [...]



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1302, 2016

Royal Canadian Mint Celebrates Daytona Intl. Speedway with Silver Medallion

To celebrate the opening of the newly renovated “World Center of Racing” which recently hosted the Rolex 24 at Daytona, racing fans everywhere can now purchase a ½ oz., 99.99% pure silver medallion, finely crafted by the Royal Canadian Mint, by which to remember the “re-imagined” Daytona International Speedway. The modernized track, featuring $400 million […]

The post Royal Canadian Mint Celebrates Daytona Intl. Speedway with Silver Medallion appeared first on CoinWeek.

1302, 2016

British Royal Mint Celebrates Lunar Year of the Monkey

The Royal Mint has released a range of commemorative coins featuring the playful figure of a monkey to celebrate the  Chinese New Year that started on February 8th. Produced specifically for the UK, The Royal Mint’s commemorative lunar coins blend ancient Chinese tradition with British craftsmanship, and form part of The Royal Mint’s Shēngxiào (or […]

The post British Royal Mint Celebrates Lunar Year of the Monkey appeared first on CoinWeek.

1302, 2016

U.S. Mint Opens Sales for Patricia Nixon First Spouse Gold Coins Feb. 18

The United States Mint will begin accepting orders for Patricia Nixon First Spouse Gold Coins starting on February 18 at noon Eastern Time (ET). The obverse design features a portrait of Mrs. Nixon with the inscriptions “PATRICIA NIXON,” “IN GOD WE TRUST,” “LIBERTY,” “2016,” “37th,” and “1969-1974.” The obverse was designed by United States Mint […]

The post U.S. Mint Opens Sales for Patricia Nixon First Spouse Gold Coins Feb. 18 appeared first on CoinWeek.

1302, 2016

Applications Accepted for ANA College Scholarships

Applications for college scholarships provided by the American Numismatic Association (ANA) are being accepted through March 15. The scholarship fund was established in 2014 to provide a graduating high school senior who is also a member of the ANA with $1,000 to use at the university, community college or trade school of the student’s choice. […]

The post Applications Accepted for ANA College Scholarships appeared first on CoinWeek.

1302, 2016

“In God We Trust” Topic Of March 4 ANA Dallas Show Program by Michael Fuljenz

By Universal Coin & Bullion …..   Educator and award-winning numismatic writer Michael Fuljenz will give a free, informative presentation on the national motto, “In God We Trust,” at the American Numismatic Association (ANA) National Money Show in Dallas, Texas on Friday, March 4, 2016. The public is invited. The 45-minute presentation by Fuljenz, entitled […]

The post “In God We Trust” Topic Of March 4 ANA Dallas Show Program by Michael Fuljenz appeared first on CoinWeek.

1302, 2016

Guest Commentary – Why the Federal Reserve Always “Happens” to Be Wrong

By Stefan Gleason – Money Metals Exchange….   “The last duty of a central banker is to tell the public the truth.” —Alan Blinder, former Federal Reserve Board Vice Chairman The Federal Reserve Board finds itself back in a quandary of its own making. When Fed chair Janet Yellen pushed through an interest rate hike […]

The post Guest Commentary – Why the Federal Reserve Always “Happens” to Be Wrong appeared first on CoinWeek.

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